Welcome to The Bridge Space


Hi I’m Meagan, Founder of The Bridge Space. Our little health support service came about after many years of teaching at university in public health and preventative medicine, and as part of my ethnographic doctoral research, internationally working alongside illegal migrant women who were living with severe emotional trauma, chronic and terminal illnesses.

The doctoral work highlighted the health benefits of some wellness approaches that seem a world away from western biomedicine. I observed that through connecting with nature, softening the mind, and feeling more connected to the body, the people with whom I worked, felt better equipped to move through major life transitions and chronic illness. After working in mainstream mental health, and being a long time meditator, the idea of offering non-clinical support for people sitting at various points on the broad spectrum of ‘health’, really resonated with me. The Bridge Space supports individuals and families through wellness, illness and in palliative care contexts. We see ourselves as a bridge that meets you exactly where you’re at, and supports and connects you to where you want to be.

Evidence base

 Science supports the different ways in which meditation, eco-psychology and somatic therapies can be used alongside conventional medicine, to not only help people coping with emotional trauma or to support people through illness, but to promote and maintain longterm wellbeing. These techniques are particularly useful in supporting people through major life transitions.

The Bridge Space seeks to work along side mainstream medicine and offers some innovative approaches to support the work of physicians, with the intention of achieving better patient outcomes, especially in relation to chronic illnesses.

inspiration: Re-thinking health systems

Having worked in an academic setting at uni for the past 7 years in Public Health, with a focus on health policy, I spend a lot of time discussing what's wrong with Australia's healthcare system. The  Australian Healthcare system is mostly an 'illness treatment' system.  We have a system that is not adequately funded to prevent illness and promote health and wellbeing and this has implications for the prevalence of chronic conditions and for our quality of life living with them.

“The Bridge Space is small scale community effort geared toward chronic illness prevention, a tiny drop in the ocean of health promotion. It's a cosy, welcoming and nurturing space, where people can be supported to maintain their existing wellness or improve symptoms of chronic illness. We use ancient therapeutic tools adapted to modern life, that are supported by science”.