Body Awareness Meditation


The meditation style

The Bridge Space Body Awareness meditation practice seeks to release bodily tension at a very deep level and consequently, has the capacity to create a profound sense of space in the body. When we do this, we open up the potential for deep personal transformation to occur.

With a regular Body Awareness Meditation practice, most people begin to notice a deeper sense of ease and peace within. Many observe a subtle shift in their perspective on life, a deeper connection to the world around them, and an enhanced capacity to simply ‘be’. The process can at times be challenging; a dance between light and dark, struggle and surrender: A practice of courage and compassion.

Body Awareness Meditation is done laying down, where you will be comfortably supported by props such as yoga mats, sheepskins, blankets, bolsters and pillows. Sessions will typically start off with breath awareness, the use of sound, visualisation, and then dropping awareness deep into the body. No prior meditation experience is necessary. No need to bring anything.

program details

THURSDAY- 7.30PM- 8.15pm

FRIDAY- 9.30am- 10.15am

Venue: Based in Brighton (contact us for details when booking)

$20 per class, pay by cash or direct transfer.