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compassionate support for dying: meditation outreach program …

This is a non-clinical compassionate support service available to individuals (and their families) experiencing a potentially life ending illness.

We draw upon a pastoral care model for the delivery of our personalised meditation sessions. While Meagan does have degrees and experience in psychology, we do not offer advice or clinical psychological counselling. We simply create a safe and nurturing space for you to move inward, guiding you to find greater ease and peace within. Most clients will say they feel a sense of calm after our time together.

The sessions will usually involve a guided Body Awareness meditation, use of relaxing sound, and then some time for you to talk, or rest in supported silence. However, the structure of the session will depend on how each client is feeling and their needs at any given time.

The sessions may take place in the family home, hospice or other healthcare facility. We are not government funded or covered by Private Health Insurance, so we work on a fee for service basis. Pricing is dependent on factors such as travel, so it is best to get in contact with us to discuss. However, here is a rough price guide.

1:1 private session 45 mins $75

1:1 private session 75 mins $100

Family/Group sessions $30 per person (min 3 people)