embodied ritual workshop

Come and share in the magic of this deeply nurturing, relaxing and ritualistic healing experience, which will leave you feeling well rested and more connected to your body, your purpose, and to the world around you. In a very small group, we will be working with Body Based Meditations and rituals of Andean Shamanic Medicine, to bring you an embodied experience of ayni (sacred reciprocity), which according to Andean culture will bring you into harmony with your environment.

Modern life, western-centric everyday life, tends to be devoid of opportunities to enter into the beauty of true sacred space (grounded in ayni), as found in indigenous cultures.
Through this experience you will have the opportunity to consider what sacred space truly is. You will experience the opening of sacred space as practiced by Andean shamans: This will provide an energetic cocoon for our deeply healing meditations, despacho and fire ceremony.

Meagan will guide you to lay back, let go and relax in comfort, as she guides you through a series of meditations. The meditations support you to connect more deeply with your body, in order to release deeply held physical and emotional tension, creating space within to identify what it is that you would truly like to invite into your life. We will be working with techniques and specific areas of the body that encourage a lived experience of ayni, bringing us into reciprocal relationship with our broader world: leaving us feeling more deeply connected at a community, environmental and universal level. The meditation component of this experience will open you up more fully, to receive the Andean rituals of despacho and fire ceremony.

The Andean Shamans never ask for anything from the cosmos without offering the same in return. This beautiful ceremony will engage your soul and creativity in building a mandala of offerings to call in what you need to support you on your journey.
Once the despacho is completed, it will be wrapped and used to clear your field of any energies that block the manifestation of your intentions.

Working with Fire is deep medicine to transmute heavy energies back into light. Fire teaches us about the cycles of creation and shows us a way to release the attachment to past stories in readiness for the new.
The despacho will be offered to the fire to invite in the blessings of your intentions into your lives.


your facilitators

DR SHERIF TAWFILIS is a Shamanic Healer and group facilitator who trained in Shamanic Energy Medicine at Four Winds Society directly under Dr. Alberto Villoldo. Alberto has been instrumental in bringing the wisdom of the Q’ero to the West.
Sherif’s mission is to assist people in finding and expressing their authentic power in THIS world. He creates bridges through his background in Scientific Academia and Corporate Leadership to the invisible realities of the cosmos.
Sherif sees himself as a technician of the Sacred, assisting in dreaming a new world into being!