Frequently Asked Questions (Meditation)


What do I need to bring to class? 


We have a luxurious set up with quality yoga mats, sheepskins, soft blankets, bolsters and eye pillows. If you like to use your own mat for yoga you can bring it along and place it on top of one of ours. If you have your own eye pillow and prefer to bring that for meditation, feel free to do so. It’s handy to have a water bottle with you too. 


Class etiquette?

In order to make The Bridge Space experience more pleasant for all, please consider the following prior to attending:

-Avoid wearing perfume or strong smelling deodorant, the sense of smell can be particularly heightened during meditation, and we do have clients who suffer from severe allergies.

-Please remove shoes before walking in, it helps us to maintain the beautiful clean state of our studio, socks are fine.

-Best not to come straight from a gym work out, if you do please shower beforehand.

-Turn your phone off and check that it’s not on the vibrate setting.

-Enter the space mindfully and quietly; others may already be meditating when you arrive.


-Arrive on time: 5 minutes prior to class start time, or 10 minutes prior to start time if you are a new student or if you would like to discuss your practice with the teacher.


Should I eat before practicing body-based meditation?

It’s best to meditate on an empty stomach. However some people prefer to have a small snack before they practice (e.g. a piece of fruit) to sustain them through their practice.


Can I attend after an exercise session?

For meditation practices, it is best not to come directly from the gym or any other kind of high intensity activity.


Should I inform the teacher about any illness or injury?

Yes. Please inform us of any existing illness or injuries. Also if you have been experiencing emotional difficulties, and are comfortable doing so, feel free to let the mediation teacher know, so that she can most effectively support you through the practice. 


What do I wear to class?

Comfortable clothing: for example loose garments such as track pants or a loose dress, or active wear. Nothing tight or restrictive around the stomach as it will hinder your ability to engage in diaphragmatic breathing.


How long does class go for?

Meditation goes for 45 minutes: this includes some time doing breathing exercises and sound healing.

How often should I attend?

Whatever fits in with your schedule or lifestyle. We have clients who attend several times a week, once a week, fortnightly or even monthly. After you have been practicing our body-based meditations for a while, it is likely that you will be able to also develop a home-based meditation practice. We are strong believers in never forcing yourself to attend. This is a transformative practice that can sometimes bring up emotion. Sometimes you may want to take some time away from the practice to give space to emotions as they arise. Or maybe you want to try different meditation styles and teachers elsewhere. It is important to honour what you intuitively feel. We don’t chase clients up for this reason but we like them to know that our door is always open, no matter how long it has been since we last saw you!


I have never meditated before is this ok?

Definitely! The majority of our clients are first time meditators but we also have those who are extremely experienced in all kinds of meditation styles.

All you have to do is turn up and relax and let us support you the whole way through. We are extremely approachable and you can get in touch with us in between classes to ask questions, or if you are seeking further information on your practice.


I have done a couple of sessions but I’m not sure if this is for me, I just cant stop thinking!  What should I do?

Come talk to us! Many people have this experience and there are different ways to approach this issue. We can help to support you based on your individual experience and circumstances. There are a variety of techniques that you can try, we can figure out what will work best for you. Either chat to the teacher before or after class or get in touch with an email or phone call.


I have been doing this for a while and usually I feel so relaxed and blissful but I’m currently very moody and emotional. What’s happening?


It’s really important to remember that each and every time you lay down to do your body based meditation, it will be different. It can be particularly frustrating if we’ve had the taste of that blissful state of simply ‘being’ during our practise, where thoughts melt away and we feel like we’re floating, it can be tempting to chase that feeling or to grasp onto it. Addictive almost. The more we grasp at it, the less likely we are to experience it again.


 It is also important to remember that we are working with the unconscious. As we release tension in the body and create more space, there is more room available to process emotions that had previously been suppressed in our bodies at an unconscious level. We can sometimes feel terrible during and after meditation because we are gaining access to information about ourselves that was previously hidden. This isn’t always obvious and can just we a vague nagging feeling that we are a bit ‘off’ or moody, without understanding why. So we can feel like we are ‘doing it wrong’, when in fact we may be going through deep personal transformation. Body based meditation is a constantly evolving practice and often throws us curve balls just when we think we have a good grasp of it! We also offer individual support if you do encounter any emotional difficulties over your meditation journey. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


I sometimes feel physical pain in my body when I practice, is this normal?

Yes, often if we are very disconnected from our bodies and we are so used to being in our heads, when we first begin to become more embodied, we do sometimes notice new sensations, including subtle pain. Of course if you continue to experience pain, or experience intense physical pain, you should head straight to your doctor.


Is it ok to ask questions about my experience after the class?

Most definitely, we encourage question asking! Or if you would like to share your meditation experience feel free to do so.