Our meditation offerings at The Bridge Space are ideal no matter where you sit on the spectrum of health: whether you are well and wanting to maintain your wellbeing, or seeking to find greater ease in your experience of serious illness.

At The Bridge Space, no experience is necessary, and everyone is welcome. We offer two meditation styles, both are body focused. However, the Body Awareness Meditation Program is more accessible if you are unwell and restricted in your ability to move. The Seated Meditation Program does require you to be able to sit upright in stillness for short periods of time and involves some gentle bodily movement.

We have a luxurious set up, with supportive mats and sheepskins, pillows, blankets and other support props to have you feeling nurtured and relaxed.

We are Melbourne based, in the Bayside suburbs. However, a lot of our work is outreach: we travel across Melbourne to visit you in your home, or healthcare and community based facilities.