Body-Based Meditation at The Bridge Space

Our meditation classes at The Bridge Space are ideal if you are living with a chronic illness, or you are well and wanting to maintain your wellbeing. No experience is necessary, and everyone is welcome. Our meditations are body focused and as such, many ‘over thinkers’ find them very accessible.

We have a luxurious set up, with high quality mats, blankets and other support props to keep you cosy and relaxed. We encourage a laying down practice as a deeper state of meditation is usually found and the body releases deeper tension. Our meditation classes will typically start off with breath awareness, the use of sound (crystal singing bowls), and then dropping awareness deep into the body.

Once you have established a regular Body Based Meditation practice, most people begin to notice a deeper sense of ease and peace within. Many observe a subtle shift in their perspective on life, which arises as a result of creating space to simply ‘be’ by regularly resting in a space of deep inner stillness through their practice.

With greater spaciousness within, comes the opportunity to perceive more in life in each given moment, therefore allowing you to feel more fulfilled. However, this practice is not all rosy, it can be confronting and we might not always like what we see when we deep go within at a sub-conscious level. Body Based Meditation is a practice of courage and heart. Our teachers therefore have backgrounds in psychology and are experienced to support you all the way.

Often meditation is ‘sold’ on its outcome being ‘to feel good’, while feeling good is often an outcome of meditation practice, at The Bridge Space we view meditation as a practice that allows us to live more fully and open heartedly. In order to do this we must immerse ourselves in the totality of who we are: both light and dark. It’s important to be real and for our clients to know that if you don’t feel bliss after practicing, this doesn’t mean that you are doing it wrong. In all likelihood you are making significant headway! It is important that you ask questions along the way as they arise and stay connected with your teacher throughout your Body Based Meditation journey, this is why we only ever work with very small groups. We are able to work with you at a very deep level.

In addition to our weekly classes we have regular meditation workshops and courses, which can also be found on our Instagram and Facebook pages.


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therapeutic body-based meditation

Therapeutic Body-Based meditation is influenced by a particular lineage of Tibetan Buddhist meditation (Vajrayana) and Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is an ancient yogic practice originating in India and is also referred to as yogic sleep. Through the practice you enter a state of consciousness that sits between waking and sleeping. Lying down, you will be directed to turn your senses inward through a guided meditation. You will simultaneously engage in alert awareness and profound relaxation: drawing upon visualisation, breath and body awareness.

Therapeutic Body-Based meditation seeks to release bodily tension at a very deep level. Through this practice we have the capacity to create a profound sense of space in the body: when we do this we open up the potential for deep personal transformation to occur.

private practice

We also travel to visit our chronically ill clients in medical settings or their homes, and provide our therapeutic meditation sessions in a comfortable environment, when patients are not well enough to attend our studio. If you would like to discuss this option, please phone Meagan to arrange a meeting in person to discuss.

Feel free to phone Meagan to chat about whether Body Based Meditation is right for you- 0422 325 865