Courses & Workshops

The following courses and workshops have been innovatively designed, and are delivered with professionalism in a nurturing and relaxing space in a small group setting


5-week Transformational wellness course

This course is about feeling lighter and finding more joy in everyday life. If you're feeling stuck or stressed and looking for tools to support personal transformation, this may be for you!

Currently only available privately.


burnout prevention workshop 

This workshop is ideal for those who work in demanding professions: Front line emergency services, healthcare workers, child protection, and the justice system. It will identify how Body Based Meditation can be used as a tool to support your career in a high stress profession and you will have the opportunity to experience  a deeply restorative Body Based Meditation session 

Available privately (industry and individual level)


the HEAL, relax & restore experience

This luxurious experience is the treat that you deserve and will leave you feeling calm, clear and in a state of bliss. It combines Restorative Yoga, Body Based Meditation, Sound Healing and Touch Therapy. This is an exclusive experience, limited to 6 participants per session. With 2 practitioners facilitating, you will feel absolutely nurtured and pampered. The perfect self-care gift to yourself or for a loved one.

Sunday 20th January 2019

10.30am -12 noon

$100 cash on the day

or $105 payment on this website