Founder, meditation-based therapist

Dr Meagan Wilson a body-based meditation guide, therapist and a Lecturer in the School of Public Health & Preventative Medicine at Monash University. She founded The Bridge Space in 2017.

Meagan’s PhD work (psychological anthropology) explored the experiences of migrant worker women from Myanmar living in Thailand over a period of several years. By looking at emotional trauma in the context of structural violence, she came to more intimately understand the mind-body-environment connection, and ways in which we can release both deep and more subtle forms of trauma by drawing on body focused techniques rather than purely cognitive based therapies, as often is dictated by mainstream psychology.

Many of the women with whom Meagan worked were dying of HIV/AIDS with no access to medication. This had a profound effect on her spiritual growth and her passion to support people through emotional trauma, illness, and through the process of dying. 

Meagan’s time in the research field saw her sitting with traditional healers/shamans and observing cross-cultural approaches to wellness, dying and death, that are deeply body focused and steeped in ritual. These fieldwork observations have in many ways shaped the way she works with the Bridge Space community.

Degrees & Awards-

BA (Psychology/Sociology) Hons (Psychology), PhD (Psychological Anthropology)-Northern Thailand, all degrees awarded by Monash University.

Australia Asia Prime Ministers Award 2011

Gilead Fellowship 2018

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trauma informed yoga & meditation teacher

Beata Heymann teaches yoga from a trauma-informed background, her classes are accessible and calm, with a focus on yoga as a tool for empowerment, to revitalise and balance the body, mind and spirit. Students are guided to listen to their own body’s innate wisdom so they can learn to connect, trust and move from centre.


Beata draws from a background studying and working with trauma through community engagement and youth advocacy. Having worked with refugees and migrants from South Sudan for ten years in Melbourne, she feels at home amongst diversity. This work has given Beata an intimate understanding of trauma and displacement and how this affects the body, mind and spirit. Beata infuses this experiential knowledge into her yoga teaching, recognising the body as a powerful and practical tool for healing. She believes that yoga can be accessible to all and welcomes every body to the mat.


Beata brings a curiosity and open heart to her exploration of yoga, combining asana, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, mantra and chanting. Her optimistic nature and devotion to life long learning means she is constantly exploring and engaging with yoga in daily life.


Beata has completed 500hours of teacher training, including a 350hour Advanced Teacher Training at Australian Yoga Academy (AYA), 50hour Yin Teacher Training at AYA, Pranayama Training with her mentor Dominique Salerno, 60-hour Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Training with her mentor Jo Buick and Mei Lai Swan at Yoga for Humankind, Medical Qi Gong Training at Shaolin Qi Gong and 260hour Vocal Training with Amit Carmelli, School of Life.


Beata offers small group classes or private one on one sessions at Bridge Space. Send her a message via our contact page for details on session times and bookings.