Dr Meagan Wilson is a counsellor, Body Awareness Meditation guide and a Lecturer in the School of Public Health & Preventative Medicine at Monash University. She founded The Bridge Space in 2017.

Meagan’s PhD work involved exploring the lived experiences of migrant worker women from Myanmar living in Thailand over a period of several years. By deeply exploring emotional trauma in the context of structural violence, she came to more intimately understand the mind-body-environment connection, and ways in which we can release both deep and more subtle forms of trauma by drawing on body focused techniques rather than purely cognitive based therapies, as often is dictated by mainstream psychology.

Many of the women with whom Meagan worked were dying of AIDS. This had a profound effect on her spiritual growth and her passion to support people through emotional trauma, illness, and through the process of dying. 

Meagan’s time in the field of Anthropology, saw her sitting with traditional healers/shamans and observing cross-cultural approaches to wellness, dying and death, that are deeply body focused and steeped in ritual. These fieldwork observations have in many ways shaped the programs developed and delivered by The Bridge Space.

Meagan facilitates the Body Awareness Meditation Program, the Compassionate Support for Dying Outreach Program, she offers Personalised Support Sessions for those who are well or ill, speaks at events and facilitates workshops.

Degrees & Awards-

BA (Psychology/Sociology) Hons (Psychology), PhD (Anthropology)-Northern Thailand, all degrees awarded by Monash University.

Australia Asia Prime Ministers Award 2011

Gilead Fellowship 2018


meditation teacher

Sean facilitates the Seated Meditation Program.

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yoga teacher

Beata facilitates the Trauma Sensitive Yoga Program, which will commence in September.

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