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Personalised support sessions

The Support Sessions are ideal when you’re feeling stuck, lacking direction or experiencing stress, anxiety or depression.

Support sessions are also useful if you have an existing body based meditation practice with Meagan. Some personalised guidance and support with your meditation journey can be a wonderful opportunity to unpack some of the things that have been coming up for you through your therapeutic meditation. Individualised support can assist you to get more from your meditation practice and to learn how to better integrate it into your everyday life.

While Meagan has degrees in psychology and is a counsellor, her support sessions are not of a clinical nature. They are based on her knowledge and experience gained through her doctoral work which highlights the benefits of healing approaches that focus on body awareness. The sessions are influenced by the fields of somatic experiencing, focusing and eco-therapy. Meagan offers gentle support, holding space for you to do some very raw and powerful work if this is the path that you choose.

Useful for?

  • Chronic Illness.

  • Strengthening connection with the body and body image.

  • Releasing trauma.

  • Anxiety, Depression, Stress.

  • Navigating the journey of terminal illness

  • Navigating life transitions such as relationship breakdown, various stages of parenthood, peri menopause/menopause.

  • re-imagining your life.

If this sounds like it might be for you, please express interest via the contact page or phone

0422 325 865