seated meditation program

The Seated Meditation Program is designed to get you started with your own home based meditation practice. You will be introduced to various techniques such as mantra, visualisation, breath awareness and body scan. This program has the specific format: Two x 1 hour classes on consecutive days (Sunday and Monday) for 2 weeks in a row (A total of 4 x 1 hour classes). There is then a break for one week where you practice at home, and then a final 1.5 hour class to consolidate all that you have learned.


Sunday 16th June 4-5pm

Monday 17th June 7-8pm

Sunday 23rd June 4-5pm

Monday 24th June 7-8pm

Sunday 8th July 3.30-5pm

Cost: $220

Venue: Brighton Victoria (please contact us to register and for further details)