Meditation testimonials

“I had an incredible experience during the course; it transformed me and healed some past issues that were subconsciously present. I never thought I'd learn so much in such a short time, but I was so empowered by everyone in the class who were nothing but supportive and understanding. This course has given me tools and skills in coping with my anxiety, but more than anything; it's taught me to appreciate the important things in life: family, friends and myself. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting some enlightenment in life, it's a great opportunity to stop and be aware of yourself in this big universe. I intend on doing this course every year as a way to reflect and relax. I cannot thank you enough, honestly".

~ Suni

"I discovered body based meditation when I was in a challenging space in my life. I had my first child, a beautiful baby girl, who was 6  months old at the time and I was struggling with some post natal anxiety. I was trying to integrate who I now was as a mother and dealing with the life changing day to day realities of having a baby. I was immediately drawn to Meagan by her wealth of experience and unique approach to working with challenges. This meditation practice has changed my life in a very short space of time,  it has removed my anxiety and helped me to feel confident and comfortable in my own skin again.  Meagan expertly guides you into a deep state of relaxation where it gives you the space and opportunity to switch off the mind and just be still and quiet.  I love giving myself this time to for me however I can sense the letting go of old negative patterns and beliefs which I don't think I have ever achieved in any other modality such as counselling.  I can't explain what a blessing this practice is to me and how it has made my life so much easier and joyful.  Meagan has always been very gentle and supportive and I believe she has a gift for healing and teaching meditation in a beautiful and approachable way.  I think this is for everyone because no matter what your beliefs it is just like going and having a wonderful, restorative rest where you can switch off for 45 minutes which in this busy world is a blessing all its own! I highly recommend this meditation practice and Meagan as an exemplary teacher of it".


"I am a person that is often anxious and strives to be a high achiever in everything that I do. Because of this I find it so difficult to relax. A friend recommended body based meditation as a calming element to try and incorporate into my daily routine. Not knowing much about this form of relaxation I went along with an open mind.  After just 4 one hour classes it has made an incredible difference in the way I conduct my life, allowing me to take a calming approach to problems I am presented with every single day. My body is less stressed and the techniques taught  have been invaluable. I have developed them into my life naturally and with little thought or effort but with fantastic results and a deeper awareness and understanding on how my body works and its triggers. I highly recommend this practise for people that are heavily burdened with constant stressful situations be it work, kids, or the home life in general or even just to give oneself time away from the fast pace lives we are forced into". 


wholistic counselling SESSIONS

“I have  always been curious about meditation. Some months ago, when I walked past a studio in my neighbourhood offering group sessions I enrolled. During these classes I learned that Meagan, the Bridge Space proprietor, also offered one-on-one sessions. I had been experiencing some distress in my private life and, having established trust with Meagan, and appreciating the academic rigour with which she approached her classes, and her impressive credentials, I made enquiries regarding her one-on-one sessions. The one-on-one sessions have proved to be an unexpected joy. Meagan plans my sessions with a laser focus, ensuring my practice is targeted and potent. I am so grateful for the calm, the improved sleep and the self-knowledge I have garnered.  Some times life leads you to the place you need to be”. 


“Our sessions hold some kind of wholehearted magic. Thank you for working with me and making the path free”.