the eagle and the hummingbird: Finding your whole hearted magic.

Does life feel too busy? Are you stressed or anxious? Feel like you’re running on autopilot?


This course will create a space for you to come back to you. Space to slow down, nurture, feel, rest, and create some magic in your life.


Trust. Jump in. See what happens.


The course is based on Meagan’s PhD research in Anthropology and Psychology. It will provide participants with the opportunity to heal: to let go of old ways of being, making space for the new.


 Navigate your world with sharper vision and a sense of wholeheartedness


The course has been developed to include a mix of academic concepts, story telling, meditation, ritual and self-reflective practices and will be delivered in a small group setting with no more than 10 participants accepted.


Course structure

Four 2-hour group sessions held on Sundays 2pm-4pm

 July 28th – Be in Your Body

August 11th   –The Forest Heals

August 25th–Where there are Shadows there is also Light

September 8th–The Eagle and the Hummingbird



Once per week group meditation included if you are able to attend (3 set times only)


Home practice activities (optional)


Pre requisites


No meditation experience is necessary. The meditation style that we use is done lying done. Academic concepts are delivered in a relatable and simple way. The only pre requisite is a willingness to do the work. Are you ready?



Global Community

Twenty per cent of your course fee will go to No Sweat, a grassroots campaign group that seeks to end sweatshops. During this course you will most likely be hearing some tragic and empowering stories of the ‘sweat shop’ workers that Meagan came to know through her work, women who wanted their stories to be shared with as many people as possible. By taking part in this course, you will not only empowering yourself but be supporting the human rights of vulnerable workers, empowering them too.



Further details

Investment- $275

Venue- The Bridge Space Brighton, Victoria

To express your interest in the course please phone or email Meagan

0422 325 865