Through meditation, we practice surrender and letting go. As we let go, we learn how to ‘be’ and move closer toward our true essence. Here we can more readily find a position of ease, through which to navigate our life journey. We draw upon breathing techniques, visualisation, body awareness and sound to create the structure for your meditation experience.

We currently hold the following meditation classes ($20 per session):

Thursday 7.30pm

Friday 9.30 am

The majority of our work is private bookings and also conducted as ‘outreach’ work, which is why our group classes are limited. Please contact us to check our current availability.

Our Yoga classes are slow, restorative and calming. They are suitable for every body and incorporate pranayama (breathing techniques), sound and movement. We are not a yoga studio, we are not about numbers on mats and classes are not fast paced, acrobatic or competitive (we mention this because we do get people actively looking for this). As with all of our offerings- yoga classes are held in a small group setting, so that your individual needs can be met.

We have a weekly Saturday morning yoga class, or a 6 week in-depth program specifically designed for Stress, Anxiety & Fatigue. For details click on ‘yoga’ above.


Many cultures have long honoured the healing power of sound and particularly song. We have come to recognise in the modern world, like meditation, sound can be used therapeutically to alleviate stress related conditions by relaxing the nervous system. We incorporate the use of sound (crystal singing bowls, shamanic drumming and chimes) into our mediations and facilitate Sound Showers, inviting various sound specialists to deliver workshops and experiences for our clients. Please click on the ‘sound’ link for our latest offerings.


Ritual and Culture can expand our perceptions and experiences of wellness across the life span. In modern western society, with the prevailing biomedical paradigm, comes the tendency to over pathologise and medicalise natural cyclical life experiences. When we intentionally bring ritual and enhanced cultural understanding into our lives, it’s often easier to let go of fears and anxieties that prevent us from experiencing our life journey to its fullest. At The Bridge Space, Ritual and Culture are viewed as tools for wellness: shared through workshops, courses and holistic counselling sessions. You can stay up to date with all of our workshop offerings on Facebook.