find the magic within

 This course is about feeling lighter and finding more joy in everyday life...

We do so by training ourselves to connect with the spaces that we often overlook in life, the spaces in-between.  These in-between spaces are where much of life’s magic happens. When we tune into these spaces, we feel more connected to ourselves, to our environment, our community and our relationships.

Modern life, despite all of its wonders, challenges our capacity to tune into subtler spaces in life and within ourselves specifically. How do we define or find these 'spaces in-between'? The intention of  this course is to introduce you to ways of doing this. 

We tend to move fast from one point to another in our everyday busy lives, focusing on the obvious things that we can immediately see, feel, taste, hear, smell. We grasp onto that which is immediately tangible. But when we create space in our lives, we begin to see and perceive with more subtlety, we find the spaces in-between, and this can have profound effects on our wellbeing.

Indigenous cultures have a deep understanding of the spaces in-between and the magic that resides there, and connect to it through the natural environment. By shifting our perception to become more in tune with life's subtleties, it becomes easier to let go of fears, we over-think less, become more connected to our bodies, and open up a space within for personal transformation to occur. With commitment to the principles and practices taught in this course, it is likely that you will notice the following: 

  • You respond rather than react to life's challenges
  • Your perception of your world begins to shift and you notice things you would previously have missed, which opens your world up to new opportunities
  • Improved ability to let go and relax
  • Improved general wellbeing, sleep and motivation
  • A sense of 'waking up' to what is truly important in your life


Course origins & framework

This wellness course is theoretically grounded in eco-psychology, somatic experiencing and the indigenous concept of dadirri, with the permission and support of indigenous elder Dr Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr (AO). The theory guides us to soften the mind, connect more to the body and nature, in doing so we become better at letting go. This is a practical course with a focus on applicability to everyday living. We seek to deliver it with authenticity and essence, there will be a sense of coming back to basics. All you have to do is turn up, let go and relax. Over five weeks you will work with the elements of water, air, earth and fire and ether, and they will guide you in working through the following course topics:







Each week will begin with a discussion around the weekly theme, you will experience practical techniques and then we finish with a deeply relaxing guided Therapeutic Nidra meditation. Each week's meditation is specifically developed to work with the needs and energy of the group and assists the weekly theme to manifest at a sub-conscious level.

who's it for?

Anyone who feels that it’s time to expand and to open up to new ways of navigating their world, especially if you are negotiating major life transitions.
For those who wish to release negative belief systems, stress, or feelings of ‘stuck-ness’, and move closer toward contentment and joy.  

Whether you have been diagnosed with illness or consider yourself well, there is potential for all to heal, grow and develop through the concepts and practices explored in this course.

the investment & COMMITMENT

 90 minutes of your time each week for 5 weeks, plus extra optional home practice activities and resources provided, if you choose to further compliment your wellness experience. A proportion of profits from every 5 Week Transformational Wellness Course supports indigenous youth via the Miriam Rose Foundation.



Simply send an email via our contacts page to register interest. Spaces are limited, we work with groups no larger than 8 people, this is essential for an individualised transformational experience.

The course runs several times per year and is also delivered in a 1:1 capacity over 5 sessions, at your convenience.