Yoga for Stress, Anxiety and Fatigue - a 6 week course with Beata

This specialised course offers accessible, restorative yoga, pranayama and sound practices to support and manage anxiety, stress, depression and fatigue. 

The yoga practices are accessible and empowering with a focus on cultivating personal agency and utilizing restoration as a tool to balance the body-mind. 


This course takes an inclusive, people-centered approach to yoga with a focus on body sensations and breath. Students are guided to listen to the body’s innate wisdom, practicing ‘interoception’ (internal awareness) to connect to and trust the body’s innate healing capacity. 


Each session will provide time and space that is safe for unraveling and releasing tension. We will work with a combination of self-care tools that encourage the body to return to a relaxed state of balance. 


This course is designed to revitalize and restore energy. Wear whatever is comfortable, no flexibility or yoga experience required. Everyone is welcome!

Please send us a message via contact page to express your interest

Saturday morning restorative yoga with Beata

Small group class: Start your weekend right with Beata’s calming restorative yoga class! no experience necessary, everybody is welcome.

9.30 am -10.30 am @ the Bridge Space- $30

Please message us via our contact page to register and for further details